Supercharge your life with recognition

Supercharge your life with recognition


In this day and age you are seeing less and less people recognize their work colleagues, friends, family and even your spouse.

#Recognition is such a powerful practice and should be done more often in every aspect of your life.

There is two parts of recognition, first is the giving and second is receiving. They both serve a very positive role in any relationship. Can you remember the last time when you gave or received recognition? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long!!!

What brings this subject to you today? It was our Annual excellence gala in Casselman, this is our chance to showcase our students and leadership team for all the great things they do for Patenaude #Martial arts. It is such an honor and privilege to be the M/C of this event and I get so much from it. It gives me much pleasure to recognize all the wonderful people that surround me.

It is a habit that I do on a daily basis, a great habit for anyone to start, not always easy because of the way our society works sometimes but an easy habit to start and keep if you want.

Here is a little challenge for you. Start small and compliment someone today. Then add more and more times. Be genuine

Do something for a co-worker today, show them some appreciation. If your an employee or employer you can find so many ways to make someone feel good today. You just need to make an effort. Start with your spouse, kids or family members.

I guarantee that you will get so much out of this practice, just try it and let me know of the magic that comes from it. drop me a line at with your success stories.

Stay the course and be a champion,

Sifu Stephane Patenaude