How parents can inspire Teens

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How parents can inspire  Teens

The teenager years!! (Grey hair, migraines, boyfriends, girlfriends, lack of motivation,frustration ahead possibly !!)

Do you remember yours?

Did it feel so complicated and frustrating like it is today when your the parent?

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Here are 10 ways you can lead your teens into a successful life:

#1 Showing interest in a teens life on a daily basis. I always ask how their day was or if they attended an event ask about it but knowing when to stop. Showing interest, not interrogating. This shows them that they matter and also opens the doors to communication. (Start this young and keep the habit)

#2 They like when I’m silly or just plain weird really just having fun. Embrace your inner child and have a blast! Don’t be afraid of letting the child within you come out and play. It is important to know when to act like this and when not to!

#3 Be willing to listen to their music. It’s fun to belt it out with them too! Watch movies or shows with them even if it’s not something you would choose to watch yourself. (I know this can be hard when they are teens sometimes)

#4 Speak words of encouragement into them often. Build them up and refrain from labeling them. They are not their behavior but may become it if we expect nothing else from them. Even better is leading by example with your actions. That goes a long way for any positive or negative behaviour.

#5 Be your teens biggest cheerleader!(Within reason obviously, DON’T embarrass them or it will have negative counter effects)  Show up to their performances and games even if it’s in an area where you really have no interest. It’s important to them so it should be important to you. It’s all about them feeling like you care and are there for them always.

#6 Teens care so much about what their friends think. When you intentionally encourage their friends and they respond with “dude your parents are cool”, you just earned even more street cred (respect) in the eyes of your teen.

#7 Capture great moments on social media **(Caution : make sure they approve all pics or videos before posting to avoid major meltdowns)**. Nobody uses photo albums any more so be intentional about capturing moments with your teen and posting them on your account and theirs. It’s planting seeds of love in their long term memory when you do it.

#8 Host events at your house for your teens. This could be a study group, movie night, or any reason your teen could use to invite friends over. Be the best host you can be when it happens. (Keep a high level of interest in their friend influences.

#9 Be intentional on long road trips, family vacations and have music, CD’s, and movies to listen/watch and discuss them. Compare and contrast together what you liked and didn’t like. Make sure to use the long drives to sometimes turn off all music and electronics and talk. Make all communication easy and encouraged to be able to share when things possibly get rough.

#10 Read . There are lots of great ideas in books. Be the best you can be and everything will fall into place. Demand excellence of yourself first and this influence will rub on them too.

**Bonus tip:
Do an activity such as martial arts together to share the experience, get the same benefits and have a strong platform of conversation.

“Families that kick together, stick together”