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Most effective tactics to prevent a sexual assault

Sexual assault Do you think sexual assault/ rape is still a common violent act in this day and age? Some frustrating statistics shown below will show that this cowardly act is still very much happening in our society!! The part that people…
Adult Kung-Fu Classes - Patenaude Martial Arts

How parents can inspire Teens

How parents can inspire  Teens The teenager years!! (Grey hair, migraines, boyfriends, girlfriends, lack of motivation,frustration ahead possibly !!) Do you remember yours? Did it feel so complicated and frustrating like it is today…

orleans patenaude martial arts is your #1 choice

Martial Arts for your family will be the best decision you make for health, fitness, self-protection and so many other positive benefits. Today we will cover a few areas you should be looking for when choosing a location for you. In these…