kickboxing in Orleans/ get your free 7 day pass today!!

Do you know that kickboxing is one of the greatest ways to burn calories in a short amount of time!!


In this time and age we are pulled in every direction with technology, new Fitness equipment, new workouts, new diets, All in the hopes of getting results and getting enough traction with society to get recognized as a good thing.


You might have been one of those people that was up late one night and you saw the most convincing infomercial about a fitness secret and you had to buy it!!

I know I have and my hope was high, I couldn’t wait for the order to get to my door so I could feel the magic that was demonstrated on TV with that amazing host !!

The day finally came and I received my magic ingredient, so I thought!!

A few days passed by and my excitement for the product dramatically decreased and before I knew it I had forgotten about it as if it never happened.

Sound familiar?

I think everyone has made that type of purchase at one time or another in their life. Does this sound like you?

What is the best method to get in shape?

Is there a magic pill you can buy?

The answer to that question is no when you talk about getting in better shape and learning a new skill. The only magic ingredient is your willingness to learn, work hard and be patient with the process.

Let me talk to you about a program that will change every aspect of your life in a positive way and give you guaranteed results. Our Sanshou/ kickboxing classes will be your magic solution to a better and stronger you if you can stay committed to the journey.

Are you someone who likes a challenge?

Do you like to experience something new in every workout?


Hard work, sweat, fun, learning are some of the ingredients in your journey that you will experience on a daily basis!!

Feeling a part of a team and family is what you can expect from training with us at Patenaude martial arts in Orleans